Do you prefer working in a kitchen, or sitting in a restaurant?

As a marketer, do you prefer working in a kitchen, or sitting in a restaurant?

We have noticed that the way marketers operate is changing, and the trend is firmly towards working in the kitchen!

Looking back a decade and more, agencies liked to own most marketing functions, and that went way beyond strategy, planning and creative; they liked to manage the production as well. This would mean that they would buy media, manufacture direct mail, and even take control of data. The full lavish restaurant experience.

Marketeers have gradually woken up to the fact that eating in restaurants is both very expensive, and puts control in the hands of someone else. If campaigns flop, they have to switch agencies, and this means listening to the whole nine yards of pitches and flummery.

Now that we are firmly in the data age, we find that marketeers like to get down among the weeds, and understand what is really going on. This way they can own that precious commodity, a true understanding of the customers on whom their fortunes rely.

That does not mean that there is no role for agencies, rather that, in addition to creative work, they are increasingly providing the technology environment in which the marketers can do their own cooking.

Nor does it mean that marketers have to start learning how to write their own code; instead they want a ready-made technology environment in which they can take control of understanding customer behaviour, and make sure that they are delivering, as far as possible, the right personalised experience to each individual customer.

At UniFida we are very aware of this trend, and have chosen to go down the route of delivering the technology (kitchens) in which marketers can operate.

In practical terms this means providing a cloud-based environment in which all online and offline sources of customer data are tied together, identities are resolved, marketing metrics are provided, and personalised campaigns can be planned and executed.

We don’t expect to tell marketers what they should do; rather we like to provide the most refined possible tools to help them do it themselves.

Our toolkit is a combination of UniFida Technology and UniFida Data Science. It’s reasonably priced, fully serviced, and the result of five years of continual development.

We hope that it’s what you will want to enable you to cook things up that your customers will really appreciate!


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UniFida is the trading name of Marketing Planning Services Ltd, a London based technology and data science company set up in 2014. Our overall aim is to help organisations build more customer value at less marketing cost.

Our technology focus has been to develop UniFida. Our data science business comes both from existing users of UniFida, and from clients looking to us to solve their more complex data related marketing questions.

Marketing is changing at an explosive speed, and our ambition is to help our clients stay empowered and ahead in this challenging environment.