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UniFida Use Cases

Omni-Channel Marketing Attribution for a Wine Retailer

What business problems did we set out to solve?

Two attribution techniques were introduced to deliver an omni-channel solution

diagram of two attribution techniques

What questions do MMM + MTA answer?


MMM (across all channels)

MTA (for direct online and offline channels only)

Econometrics (MMM) explained

Econometrics provides a model of key demand drivers, and the share attributable to marketing

e.g. it showed how brand advertising brought in the highest proportion of New Customers

And how diminishing returns should be applied to any increases in budgets

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) explained

UniFida’s MTA is based on understanding customer journeys

MTA customer journeys diagram

We use machine learning to give values to each step in every

MTA customer journey sales funnels diagram

For each step there is a score for initialising, holding, or closing with results that look like this:

The results of the MTA for all direct channels

MTA channels chart

Six example customer journeys, with scores

six example customer journeys

Combining MMM + MTA for an omni-channel report

The business benefits of this approach

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