Why your own first party data is so important?

There are many reasons why this is the case, but your recognition of it may be at risk of being drowned out by the clamour of people selling recruitment media, particularly digital and programmatic media.

To us the case for first making best use of your own customer data trumps all other media purchase decisions, and for very good reasons:

– it’s free and uncontrovertibly yours (as long as it’s properly permissioned)
– it allows you to develop very personalised relationships with each of your customers, and hence unlock as much value as is possible from them
– it can help you understand what is really driving your new customer recruitment, particularly when multiple online and offline channels play a part in your recruitment marketing
– it can support your overall business planning based on understanding the longer-term value provided by each customer segment

To allow you to obtain that customer value you need to ensure that your single customer view contains all your customers’ online and offline behaviours, linked by all the available personal identifiers.

You also need marketing technology that joins all this together, so that there is one complete version of the truth about each customer that can be used by all your marketing applications.

This is why we suggest you need to consider installing a customer data platform or CDP.

To help develop an understanding of what a CDP can do for your marketing we have written ‘The Marketers Customer Data Platform Resource Book’; and this is now available free as an e-book.

David Raab, Founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, wrote of it ’This concise introduction provides clear answers to CDP questions. It will help many marketers and their technologists take the next step in their CDP journey’.

If you are thinking about possibly taking the next step, then please download your free copy of our booklet “The Marketers Customer Data Resource Book“.


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