UniFida to present at the DCA Annual Summit

“One marketing budget, many channels – how omnichannel attribution optimises these.”

That’s the subject of an insightful presentation by UniFida and Wentworth Puzzles at the 2022 Direct Commerce Association (DCA) Annual Summit*.

With marketing budgets being heavily scrutinised, there is a constant pressure to prove marketing return and tighten up on waste. In this presentation – by UniFida’s Client Director, Jo Young – visitors to the Summit can learn how omnichannel marketing attribution measures the way that channels work together (whether they are trackable or non-trackable) and helps optimise precious marketing budgets.

“Companies who use a range of marketing channels can find it challenging to understand how those channels interact, and what the optimal mix of marketing is,” said Jo Young. “Measurement can be difficult enough with trackable channels such as paid search, display and email, but adding press, TV or poster advertising to the mix rapidly complicates evaluation. We look at how to tackle this.”

She added:

“Every channel has a different role to play in the sales funnel – one seemingly low-performing channel may be necessary to support the role of other channels that can close the sale. More will be revealed in our presentation.”

Jo Young, Client Director, UniFida
Jo Young, Client Director, UniFida will present at the DCA summit


*The DCA Annual Summit takes place on Tuesday October 18th, 2022 at the Millennium Hotel, Gloucester Rd, London SW7. More information on the DCA Annual Summit event website >

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