If you can lend us your customers’ data, we can help increase your customer knowledge

How our data scientists can help increase your customer knowledge

Estimates differ, but apart from the largest companies who all have their own data scientists, and the smaller SMEs who are not into customer analysis, around 60% of those in the middle do not have the customer knowledge they would like to have to run their businesses.

This does not mean that you don’t have answers to some of your queries, but that you probably don’t always have the ability to ask detailed questions about your customers’ behaviour and get correct answers back.

Every organisation has their own very focused areas where they would like to know more about their customers, and we would like to hear what yours are.

To give you a flavour of some of the questions our data scientists have been asked recently to investigate:

  • how do the different channels, and means, by which we recruit customer impact their longer-term customer value?
  • once customers have made their first purchase what is their next most likely purchase, and what is the likely interval between first and second purchase?
  • what proportion of my customers am I retaining year on year, and what appears to be the factors causing better and worse retention?
  • can I score up my customers with their likelihood to respond to my next campaign?
  • what is the relationship between people browsing my website on multiple occasions, and purchasing?

In reality we never know exactly what we are going to be asked to look into next!

But we want to remove the barriers between your needs for customer knowledge, and our capability to deliver it.

The simplest way is for us to meet up. We can discuss a brief together, take it away, and come back to you with a fixed cost proposal. If it’s too high you can say no, and all you have lost is the time for the briefing meeting. If it’s ok you will get the customer knowledge you need at a reasonable price, delivered on time.

Members of our team have been delivering customer knowledge to clients for over 20 years, so we have built up some experience in the area.

And by using us you avoid the problems and costs of recruitment, when you may not need someone full-time to do the work for you.

Interested? Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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UniFida is the trading name of Marketing Planning Services Ltd, a London based technology and data science company set up in 2014. Our overall aim is to help organisations build more customer value at less marketing cost.

Our technology focus has been to develop UniFida. Our data science business comes both from existing users of UniFida, and from clients looking to us to solve their more complex data related marketing questions.

Marketing is changing at an explosive speed, and our ambition is to help our clients stay empowered and ahead in this challenging environment.