Where do you go to get answers to your most pressing marketing questions?

Being tasked with finding answers to marketing questions to support your marketing decisions and advance your campaigns is no easy feat.

We are thinking of questions like:

– where are my most valuable customers coming from?
– what’s the best next offer I can make to each of them?
– how can I identify those dormant customers that are most likely to be reactivated?
– how much should I budget to spend in each of my online and offline channels?

In days of old you would most probably have fired questions like these at your advertising agency, and they would have responded using a smattering of science combined with a lot of judgement.

In today’s evidence-based world there are few one-stop solutions that can properly answer questions like these because to do so requires the right combination of marketing savvy, data, and data science.

However, there is something without which none of these questions can be answered, and that is the single customer view, where all data about your interactions with your customers are held.

For example, just taking the four questions we started with, you will at least need to know:

– how each customer was recruited?
– what their propensities are to buy from each of your main product categories?
– what sorts of customers are self-reactivating?
– all the online and offline events that preceded each of your customer orders?

So, what can we conclude so far?

That your single customer view needs to be skilfully designed to hold both the ‘raw’ facts such as details of a transaction, or a website visit, and also the ‘derived’ facts like a propensity to behave in a certain way.

But the single customer view is only part of the solution.

Our view is that the go-to resource you need is a combination of a customer data platform (the tool that builds the single customer view), with marketers to specify what it is expected to do, and data scientists to transform its raw data into sophisticated engineered predictions concerning your customers’ behaviour.

This is also the basis on which we have built our company. An understanding that marketeers need that right combination of people, technology, and data science to support their marketing actions and decisions.

If this is what you are looking for, then please email is at [email protected] and we will arrange a Zoom with our founder Julian Berry who will be delighted to discuss how we can help.

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UniFida is the trading name of Marketing Planning Services Ltd, a London based technology and data science company set up in 2014. Our overall aim is to help organisations build more customer value at less marketing cost.

Our technology focus has been to develop UniFida. Our data science business comes both from existing users of UniFida, and from clients looking to us to solve their more complex data related marketing questions.

Marketing is changing at an explosive speed, and our ambition is to help our clients stay empowered and ahead in this challenging environment.