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UniFida Use Cases

How would your company use UniFida?

diagram illustrating use casing

UniFida Use Cases

How would your company use UniFida?

diagram illustrating use casing


UniFida can enable informed personalisation of emails and web experiences that is based on a full understanding of your overall relationship with each individual customer; for instance, are they a loyal customer, one who was previously dormant, or a bargain chaser? This kind of personalisation goes much deeper than one based just on their most recent browsing activity.


UniFida can support both batch and trigger campaign selections that are based on a 360° picture of each customer, and which may make use of such predictions as likelihood of response, product category preferences, or the chances of a dormant customer reactivating. And then, when the orders come in, it will attribute these back to the campaigns that drove them based on the contact history that it maintains. Trigger activation can be via any channel and can be based as much on things not happening, like not responding to an offer, to things that do. Cart abandonment is the obvious case, but what about missing a regular repeat purchase date?

Customer-Based Planning

UniFida can provide the vital information for longer term customer-based planning; for example, helping you answer questions like how much should you spend on recruitment in each channel and media? The CDP can show you the value your customers provide from each source in the first year of recruitment and in subsequent years. It can also report on how much of your customer value is coming from this year’s recruits compared to those you recruited last year or the year before.

Media Effectiveness

UniFida can report back to you on the true impact and the ROI, you are getting from each of your online media like Facebook and Google PPC, as well as from your offline media like emails and catalogues. The combined effect of all online and offline channels is taken account of, so that you will be able to see how in combination they are working. To achieve this level of attribution we look at every known event that occurred to a customer in the 90 days prior to their order, and partition the value of the order between them. As well as looking at the effectiveness of media, UniFida can show you the part they play at different stages in the customer journey, and the probability of moving from one stage to the next. For instance, what is the probability of moving from a social media clickthrough to a PPC search, or an actual purchase.


UniFida can fulfil Subject Access Requests at the single click of a button, maintain a history of all your customer consents, and anonymising data whenever requested. This provides clarity at an individual customer level around whom can be contacted by which channel for what purpose.

Building Segments and Audiences

Customer segments are the building bricks of much of marketing, and can be used in multiple ways; for instance, in providing look-alike audiences for social media, or for defining target groups for trigger campaigns, or developing customer acquisition strategies. UniFida both provides the data for defining segments, and records segment memberships on each customer record.

Presenting the single customer view for data analysts and scientists

UniFida’s customer data platform’s data is a goldmine for analysis. The entire history of each individual customer’s relationship is there waiting for discovery. Microsoft Power BI is embedded in UniFida to enable almost any level of data visualisation and dashboards.

How our clients have benefited from UniFida technology

man wearing luxury cashmere scarf

Luxury Clothing Retailer >

The client asked us to work with them to develop a business case for introducing UniFida.

footballers legs

Premier League Football Club >

We analysed the relationship between on-line and off-line supporter behaviour to increase personalisation of campaigns.

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