UniFida marketing attribution

How do you currently attribute the effectiveness of your marketing?

First click, last click, last ad words click, last non-direct click, linear, position based, time decay?

The above are wholly based on assumptions so you might assume the first click is the most important or, that the last click is the most important…but which one is right?

Whilst they all have their own individual merit, they do not take into consideration what influence, interaction and relationship each channel contributes towards a purchase. They also do not take into consideration when a customer researches online then purchases in store or contacts your call centre.

Marketing attribution has evolved


Models for marketing attribution emerged in the 1950’s and have evolved over time to keep pace with the changing needs of customers, technology and plethora of channels used.


Experience has shown that different types of customer, new and existing for instance, respond to events in very different ways which requires a different approach and a new way of measuring attribution using AI to meet these demands.


At UniFida we developed a unique way to meet these demands using algorithmic direct event evaluation otherwise known as ADEE which is an AI driven approach.

So how does UniFida marketing attribution work?

Our marketing attribution sits inside the UniFida customer data platform and ingests data from all your online and offline sources including direct mail, paid digital, affiliates, social, email, website and call centre creating a single customer view across all personal identifiers.

All of the combined data automatically builds a table of every event preceding each sale in a 90-day window.

We use AI derived from Markov chains and survival analysis to attribute weightings automatically to each event. This way the value of each sale is allocated back to the events that led up to it.

What does UniFida Marketing Attribution deliver?


Reports the contribution of each direct channel together with its ROI

Activity links

Channels can include any activity we can link directly to a customer for instance email opens, direct mail, SMS, call centre, retail visits, social, Google PPC, direct search

Identifying customers

Filtered by time period and type of customer distinguishing between new and existing customers or, customers purchasing particular products

Sales contribution

Reveals how many sales each channel contributes to and provides an audit trail linking every order to all the events that preceded it

UniFida marketing attribution Plus

UniFida marketing attribution Plus provides attribution across both direct and indirect channels in combination solving the age old problem by fusing econometric models and UniFida attribution together.

In practice this means building a set of econometric models, normally on a biannual basis, and fusing the output from the UniFida platform with them to take account of the contribution made by the indirect channels.

Benefits of UniFida marketing attribution Plus


AI driven which evolves and optimises automatically. Reports on different segments (e.g. new customer acquisition v existing customers). Ability to differentiate between high value and low value customer acquisition enabling media optimisation


Econometric outputs fused with direct channel results providing a holistic view of the combined effect of all channels


Customer level event table output enabling drill down analysis by data science teams. Understand the impact of different event sequences such as first event to sales relationships


Enables “what if” scenarios for displaying the effect of varying spend channels and scenarios for all direct interactions


Simplified attribution reporting across direct and indirect channels. Cost efficiencies (internal and external)

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