UniFida customer performance

Gain a deeper understanding of customer performance and value

Understanding how and when customers provide value is central to managing any direct-to-consumer business.

Customer Acquisition

Pick a time period like last year, and see how many customers you acquired by week, compared with the previous year, and then compare their average order value. This can be done for all customers, or customers buying particular products.

customer acquisition chart

Customer Retention

Choose a year and see the value delivered by your customers up to five years from when they were acquired. The report views each month’s acquisitions as a cohort and tracks them, showing each year how many are retained, and how much they spend. And you can even filter the report to show you the value contributed by different customer types, like those acquired for social media for instance.

customer retention table

Customer value Tracker

You want to know where your orders have come from, not just according to the acquisition marketing channels used, but also from your retained customers. This report gives you a view by month of how much was contributed by this year’s acquisitions, how much by last year’s, and the years before. Using this report, you can project forward the expected contribution of your existing customers to future year’s sales.

customer value tracker table

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