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Marketing Attribution - AI Driven Insights

UniFida’s AI-driven technology enables you to maximise marketing investments and sales revenues through deeper insights into customers’ purchasing patterns.

The multichannel challenge

Delivering results

Marketers’ top priorities include optimising the marketing mix for the best return and modernising their tools and technologies. Providing the experiences customers expect takes a new breed of technologies, as well as a thorough understanding of their unique needs and expectations — and that takes data.

Fuelled by AI (artificial intelligence), UniFida Marketing Attribution is integrated into the UniFida Customer Data Platform and is designed to ingest data from all your online and offline marketing channels, including:

  • Website
  • Paid search
  • Organic search
  • Direct mail and catalogues
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media

UniFida Marketing Attribution takes this disparate data and automatically builds a table of every marketing event preceding each sale within a 90-day period. We use AI to attribute weightings automatically to each event and allocate the value of each sale relative to the events that led up to it.

When you add the costs, UniFida then calculates your return on marketing investment (ROMI) for each channel for every month.

The value of data insights

With so many choices, channels, campaigns and types of customers, it can be hard to know exactly where or how to focus your efforts — or even where to start.

With UniFida Marketing Attribution, you can leverage data insights and quickly identify how and where to allocate resources and budgets for each marketing channel and campaign according to value. Armed with these insights, you can not only win customers’ hearts and wallets, but also take their experiences to a whole new level.

With UniFida AI-drive Marketing Attribution you can:

Understand precise value

For every online and offline campaign. And as well as providing a detailed campaign by campaign ROI, our attribution also shows the roles that the campaign played in initiating, holding, or closing a sale

Maintain loyalty

Maintaining customer loyalty has never been more challenging than it is today. At a time when having great products and services alone simply doesn’t cut it, companies have to be prepared to gain greater insights into their customers — and go the extra mile.

Enhance experience

Today’s connected customers have more access to information — and more choice — than ever before. At the same time, they’re harder to impress. The total customer experience that a company provides is what stands out in customers’ minds.

Understand your customers

Winning customers today means gaining unique insights into their circumstances, needs and objectives. The ability to fully understand how they choose to interact with you, and through what channels, is crucial to marketing success.

How Unifida Marketing Attribution works

Contribution Reports

Determine the contribution of each direct channel and campaign, together with its ROI.

Activity Links

Channels and campaigns can include any activity that can be linked directly to a customer.

Customer Segments

Filter by customer type and easily distinguish between new and existing customers.

Sales Contribution

See how many sales each channel and campaign contributes to and link orders to preceding event.

Key Benefits


AI-driven technology attributes automatically and reports on different segments (e.g. new customer acquisition versus existing customers). It provides differentiation between high and low value customer acquisitions, enabling media optimisation.


Econometric outputs can be fused with direct channel results, providing a holistic view of the combined effect of all channels.


Customer level event table output enables drill down analysis by data science teams. You can understand the impact of different event sequences, such as first event to sales relationships.


Enables “what if” scenarios for displaying the effect of varying spend channels and scenarios for all direct interactions.


Simplified attribution reporting is possible across direct and indirect channels, and the campaigns within them, enabling cost efficiencies (internal and external).

How we helped a leading puzzle manufacturer:

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