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UniFida Data Science provides unrivalled customer behaviour insights

UniFida Data Science incorporates expertise and technology to give a 360° customer view, so you can target campaigns precisely and gain maximum value from every marketing channel.

Data science helps drive growth

Data Science – two words that many marketers shy away from. And yet they hold the key to successful marketing and profitable growth – once you ‘get’ what Data Science is, you can reap the rewards.

The fact is, today’s customers are sharing more and more data with businesses. They interact with multiple brands across multiple channels and touchpoints. Boosting the bottom line means having the ability to mine that data successfully – and turn it into marketing ‘gold’.

That’s where UniFida Data Science comes in.

We provide fully outsourced insight and analysis capabilities for both strategic decision support and detailed performance analysis.

Our work ranges from ad hoc data science projects to building an entire outsourced insight and analytics department for both medium to large companies.

UniFida Data Science – unrivalled analytics capabilities

We develop models that predict behaviour, build customer and market segmentations, provide customer profiling and enable you to target more valuable customers.

Predictive Modelling

  • Life-time value
  • Purchase probability
  • Cross-sell potential
  • Responsiveness to offers
  • Risk of lapse and attrition
  • Reactivation probability
  • Customer acquisition

Customer Segmentation

  • Activity segments
  • Shopper segments
  • Market segments
  • What people are interested in and buying
  • How your customer marketplace works

Demographic and Behavioural Profiling

  • Match customers to external lifestyle and demographic data
  • Understand and compare customer characteristics
  • Demographic data overlays help design your proposition

Media Spend Optimisation

  • Understand the value delivered by channel, product and demographics
  • Analyse where longer-term customer value is coming from
  • Utilise the most effective channels and target profitable customer groups

The value of UniFida Data Science

Is your data fragmented?

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How we helped a leading UK insurance broker:

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