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Measuring Sustainability in Marketing

UniFida’s CO2 Counter enables marketers to accurately measure the sustainability of their marketing campaigns and achieve greener marketing.

How can our CO2 counter help your business?

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Gauge the environmental impact of your marketing campaigns

With a global focus on environmental issues, companies are becoming more aware of the sustainability of their marketing activities. They want to be able to measure and report the impact of their campaigns, whether offline or online, and support greener marketing initiatives.

This is no longer a ‘nice to have’. Large companies will soon be legally required to commit to, and report on, sustainable business models, but the onus of responsibility will rest with all companies spending significant amounts on marketing communications, both online and offline.

UniFida’s CO2 counter enables companies to gauge the environmental impact of your marketing campaigns. It supports greener marketing by calculating the amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) released while setting up a campaign via any marketing channel and reports on the amount used once a campaign has been completed.

Measuring environmental impact

The CO2 Counter is an essential online tool. It enables companies to gauge the environmental impact of their marketing activities across online and offline channels.”

CO2 Counter Benefits


Before launching a campaign, the CO2 counter can show how much carbon will be produced, giving marketers the opportunity to offset or plan a different approach.

Insight for future activity

With historic marketing activities, marketers can evaluate each campaign and channel’s performance and how much carbon has been released for what benefit. This can help steer future greener marketing initiatives.

Scenario comparison

Marketers can access the CO2 Counter online and, for example, use it prior to catalogue production, inputting the number of pages, size, print colours, paper type and quantities. Or for an email campaign, they can input the number of recipients and whether the email has a video attached. Carbon usage is then calculated and the results displayed.

Ask us about how our CO2 counter can help your business.

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Overview of Methodology

The CO2 Counter has been developed by Net Zero Media in Australia.

  • Net Zero Media’s proprietary technology measures and analyses CO2 emissions derived from all forms of marketing and advertising activity (Scope 3).
  • Net Zero Media’s measurement algorithms and methodologies have been developed in collaboration with RMIT University (Melbourne) and The University of Sydney and are compliant with ISO14040.
  • Methodologies applied are consistent with formulas and methods recommended by International GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards and apply relevant LCA and PAS2050 carbon foot-printing standards.
  • Algorithms and methodologies are continuously validated through ongoing collaboration with the academic world and specialist not-for-profit bodies.
  • NZM measurement data can be used to comply with GHG Protocol reporting or any local reporting requirements.
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