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UniFida works with a number of partners – including technology providers, full-service agencies and consultancies – in order to provide total solutions to customers.

The benefits of partnering with UniFida include:

  • The ability to add a versatile, multi-functional, cloud-based Customer Data Platform (CDP), designed for mid-size companies, to your martech offering
  • Access to advanced technology that you can fully configure, and ‘white label’, for your clients
  • Incorporating dashboarding, audience selections, customer metrics, multi-touch attribution, customer journey reporting and GDPR capabilities
  • Providing different data schemas for different verticals
  • Full product training and support
  • Attractive financial incentives

Companies we partner with:

Our partner for customer journey orchestration

Our distribution partner for the not-for-profit sector

Our distribution partner for Holland

Our partner for website personalisation

Our partner for advanced business planning technology

Our partner for lead generation

Our partner for suppressions

Our partner for understanding direct mail

Interested in becoming a partner?

Interested in becoming a partner?