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UniFida Customer Data Platform - insight-led marketing

With UniFida’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), designed for mid-scale organisations you can unify data from customers’ online and offline activities, gain invaluable insights into their purchasing habits, activate campaigns – and identify the most effective marketing channels.

Deeper insights, greater marketing success

Imagine having one platform that not only captures and unifies customers’ online and offline behaviour, but gives you a single, up-to-date customer overview that your entire marketing team can access.

Imagine no more. Our platform ingests all the customer data from your online and offline marketing channels and provides unrivalled customer metrics in real time. That means you can identify which campaigns and channels are most effective – and why – and where your marketing budget is really making a difference.

With UniFida CDP you get the ultimate measurement of marketing success

UniFida CDP - key benefits

UniFida CDP enables you to:

Visualise your customer

Customer data (online and offline) can be visualised in one place. UniFida ingests all sources pertinent to your customers and prospects, integrates new and existing technologies​ and connects all your customer data into a single customer view.

Activate campaigns and attribute success

Deliver highly personalised campaigns based on one true customer understanding. Identity resolution unifies the measurement of marketing performance across all of your online and offline channels.

Measure effectiveness

Measure and optimise campaign effectiveness with automated reporting on key marketing metrics. UniFida CDP provides tailored dashboards that enable your team to analyse and plan highly personalised marketing campaigns.

UniFida CDP - one marketing ecosystem

UniFida CDP is built on powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling you to create one powerful marketing ecosystem that delivers:

Identity Resolution and Single Customer View (SCV)

Customer and Campaign Metrics

Marketing Attribution

Custom Audiences


GDPR Compliance

How we helped a leading puzzle manufacturer:

Try UniFida Customer Data Platform at no cost

We’re so confident that UniFida CDP can provide deeper insights into your own customers’ data, we are offering you a no cost, no obligation trial.