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Try UniFida’s customer marketing metrics –
no cost, no obligation

Discover the real metrics that underpin your customer activities and interactions and extract maximum ROI from every marketing channel.

Long term customer value

Imagine being able to click a few buttons to get reports outlining what the longer-term value of different customer segments is. Now you can with a no cost, no obligation trial of UniFida Customer Data Platform.

Use your data for insights

Using your company’s own customer data, you can determine through clear and precise metrics how many of your sales have come from existing customers, what your retention rates are, how each of your key marketing channels is performing, or even how your recruitment marketing is doing.

No cost to you for this trial – how it works

We first agree what the detail of the arrangements are in order to protect your customers’ information. You then send us up to five years’ worth of transactions for our platform to process and we will then output a full set of reports on how your customers have performed.

Complete the form today and let us show you how UniFida Customer Data Platform can bring real value to your marketing efforts.

Contact us today for your no cost evaluation of customer metrics