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UniFida  integrates

UniFida sits in the centre of your marketing technology

  • UniFida is a customer data platform that not only links your customers’ data together...
  • It also joins your customer facing technologies into one marketing ecosystem
  • Some systems like Matomo feed data from your website
  • Others like Fresh Relevance link UniFida to your website
  • UniFida is designed so that you can add or subtract other marketing technologies as you wish

UniFida integrates with other technologies:

passion score

emojis with different expressions
  • Customer feedback

fresh relevance

Fresh Relevance logo
  • Website & email personalisation


Tableau logo
  • Data visualisation


Matomo logo
  • Digital integrations


compas logo
  • Marketing business planning


Readconnect logo
  • Removes gone-aways and deceased

Integrating marketing technology using a customer data platform