Post lockdown marketing, did you grasp the moment?

You may recall our post from March where we provided suggestions on what marketers might do during the Covid lockdown. Now, as the lockdown starts to ease and we enter the new normal, we look towards marketing post lockdown.

For our part we have initiated a project concerned with multi-channel marketing mix attribution, working with a small team of graduates from University College London, and Edinburgh University.

Our mission is to find out if we can detect any patterns that hold true for more than one client that help us to understand the effects of timing and sequencing in how events prior to an order combine to contribute to the order actually happening.

So, for instance, is an email a week before an order more of a driver than a catalogue three weeks before, or a social media referral just a day before, and does it matter what order they happen in?

In a multi-channel world these are important questions, and we hope to have some definitive answers for you before too long. If you are interested to discuss this project, and how it might help your marketing post lockdown, please email us.

We have also been pushing full steam ahead with developing our UniFida customer data platform technology including:

  • Redesigning the way you can select audiences for campaigns to make the process much slicker
  • Integrating with Fresh Relevance for website and email personalisation
  • And with Microsoft Power BI for data visualisation

We very much look forward to talking, and even meeting, with you in the post lockdown period as business gets back on its hind legs again!


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UniFida is the trading name of Marketing Planning Services Ltd, a London based technology and data science company set up in 2014. Our overall aim is to help organisations build more customer value at less marketing cost.

Our technology focus has been to develop UniFida. Our data science business comes both from existing users of UniFida, and from clients looking to us to solve their more complex data related marketing questions.

Marketing is changing at an explosive speed, and our ambition is to help our clients stay empowered and ahead in this challenging environment.