UKFast hosting for UniFida’s CDP gets carbon trust PAS 2060 certification

We were delighted to learn that UKFast who host our customer data platform technology have been awarded PAS 2060 certification by the Carbon Trust.

PAS 2060 is the internationally recognised specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality and builds on the existing PAS 2050 environmental standard.

Data centres, which are necessary for housing servers and providing hosting and co-location services, use a large amount of energy and emit tonnes of CO2 every year. In fact, data centres worldwide are expected to generate 533 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 (Carbon Trust).

UKFast offsets will contribute to a number of hydro-power renewable energy schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from fossil fuel sources on their regional electric grid.

Carbon Trust Certification
Carbon Trust PAS 2060 Certification is the world’s leading independent certification body for carbon footprints.


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Our technology focus has been to develop UniFida. Our data science business comes both from existing users of UniFida, and from clients looking to us to solve their more complex data related marketing questions.

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